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I’m a Fan - How I Married U2 into My Life without Going to the Altar
By Eric Shivvers

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Native Voices at the Autry

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Reader for script competition (2011)

Next Theatre Co.
Former Literary Manager


Work with playwrights: analyze scripts; discuss structure, character, and plot development. Playwrights include (sample list):

Research Topics (sample list):

Building Sympathy: The Richard Nickel Story (Jessica Thebus), Center Theatre: research Chicago architecture, Richard Nickel, Louis Sullivan, Chicago politics; locate documentary film maker of Chicago Stock Exchange demolition; contact and arrange interviews with people who knew Richard Nickel; microfiche research of newspaper articles; work with Chicago History Museum, architectural, preservation, and historical organizations; copyright investigation of Dylan Thomas poetry and Louis Sullivan writings; create lobby display; write dramaturgical program notes..

Dessa Rose (Lynn Ahrens/Stephen Flaherty), Apple Tree Theatre: research US slave history and narratives; Alabama plantation life (white women and slaves), period musical instruments, history of marriage; collect period photos; create timeline; supply books and research material for each rehearsal; create lobby display.

The Libertine (Stephen Jeffreys), Steppenwolf Theatre: research of Restoration England, period historical figures, the role of women; maintain index of script changes. Jeff Nominated for Best Production.

Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer (Carson Kreitzer), Next Theatre: research T.S. Eliot and John Donne and their poetry, Manhattan Project, J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1930s-1940s leading atomic scientists, history of atomic science, 1920s-1940s Communism in America, bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and immediately known aftereffects; collect 1945 New York Times articles; converge timelines (World War II, Manhattan Project, Oppenheimer's life); collect mythologies of Lilith, Arjuna, Prometheus, Pandora's Box; lead discussion at Evanston Public Library; write article about Kreitzer for subscriber newsletter; create lobby display.

Macbett (Eugene Ionesco/adapted by Gavin Witt), Division 13/Greasy Joan & Co: research Ionesco's life, witchcraft, medicine men, religious rites, war/hate crimes including current mid-East events; analyze critical essays; compare characters and plotline to Shakespeare's Macbeth; gather translations of Latin terms; edit/rewrite lines as requested by director; create lobby display; write dramaturgical program notes. Jeff Nominated for Best Adaptation.

Fabulation, or the Re-Education of Undine (Lynn Nottage), Next Theatre: research crime in housing projects; collect Br'er Rabbit stories and other trickster tales; analyze critical essays on Br'er Rabbit and Joel Chandler Harris; compare script to Custom of the Country (Edith Wharton); write dramaturgical program notes; create lobby display.

Former Script Reader:

Victory Gardens Theatre, winner of the 2001 Regional Theatre Tony Award; Steppenwolf Theatre, winner of the 1985 Regional Theatre Tony Award.

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