Recent Projects


Finding Pathways: Mixed-Method Research for Studying Causal Mechanisms
Nicholas Weller and Jeb Barnes, University of Southern California
Cambridge University Press, due out July 2014

Ethnicity and Empire in Kenya: Loyalty and Martial Race among the Kamba, c. 1800 to the Present
Myles Osborne
, University of Colorado, Boulder
Cambridge University Press (CUP), due out July 2014

Corruption and Human Rights Law in Africa
Kolawole Oleolaniyan, Legal Advisor at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, London
Hart Publishing, due out August 2014

Dissertations & Theses

Banking Reform and Economic Development in Post-1978 China: Toward a Synthesis of Competing Theoretical Perspectives
Yingquan Jiang, SOAS, University of London
March-April 2014


Political and Legal Anthropology Review (PoLAR)

May 2014: 37 (1)

Syposium on Afterlives of Development

Afterlives of Development
Daromir Rudnyckyj, University of Victoria, and Anke Schwittay, University of Auckland

Counter-Accounting with Invisible Data: The Struggle for Transparency in Myanmar’s Energy Sector
Ken MacLean, Clark University

Designing Development: Humanitarian Design in the Financial Inclusion Assemblage
Anke Schwittay, University of Auckland

Networks for Development: Volunteer Tourism, Information and Communications Technology, and the Paradoxes of Alternative Development
Sharon McLennan, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Islamic Finance and the Afterlives of Development in Malaysia
Daromir Rudnyckyj, University of Victoria


Sovereign Silence: Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act and Legalizing Sex Work in Sonagachi
Simanti Dasgupta, University of Dayton

Codifying Consensus and Constructing Boundaries: Setting the Limits of Appellation d'origine contrôlée Protection in Bordeaux, France
Erica A. Farmer, Smithsonian Institution

Documenting “Community” in the ≠khomani San Land Claim in South Africa
Daniel Huizenga, York University

Whitewashing Indigenous Oklahoma and Chicano Arizona: 21st-Century Legal Mechanisms of Settlemen
Jean Dennison, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

November 2013: 36 (2)

Illegal Anthropology: An Introduction
Kedron Thomas, Washington University in St. Louis, and Rebecca Galemba, University of Denver

The Problem with Ethics
G. Derrick Hodge, Chicago Public Schools

Meeting the "Godfather": Fieldwork and Ethnographic Seduction in a Chinese Nightclub
John Osburg, University of Rochester

Performing the Court: Public Hearings and the Politics of Judicial Transparency in Argentina
Leticia Barrera, CONICET Universidad de Buenos Aires

On and Off the Record: The Production of Social Legitimacy in an Argentine Border Town
Ieva Jusionyte, University of Florida

Smuggglers, Fayuqueros, Piratas: Transitory Commodities and Illegality in the Trade of Pirated CDs in Mexico
José Carlos G. Aguiar, Leiden University

Illegality and Invisibility at Margins and Borders
Rebecca B. Galemba, University of Denver

The Study of Illegality and Legality: Which Way Forward?
Josiah McC. Heyman, University of Texas at El Paso

Land and Law in Marijuana Country: Clean Capital, Dirty Money, and the Drug War's Rentier Nexus
Michael Polson, City University of New York

State Transparency after the Neoliberal Turn: The Politics, Limits, and Paradoxes of India's Right to Information Law
Aradhana Sharma, Wesleyan University

Sovereignty in Postcolonial Aotearoa New Zealand: Ambiguites, Paradoxes, and Possibilites
Jonathan Barrett and Luke Strongman, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

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