"Speaking as an author and editor of books and as the editor of two academic journals and two book series, I can say with absolute confidence that Lila Stromer is one of the most conscientious, proficient, professional and downright hard-working copy-editors I have ever encountered. Whether your text is scholarly or artistic, professional or technical, Lila will be a god-send. She is fast, she is efficient, she communicates with authors and cares about their work, and without being intrusive she improves everything she touches. Lila Stromer is the definition of value added!"
Christopher L. Tomlins
Former Editor

Law and Social Inquiry

"As Review Section Editor of Law & Social Inquiry, I worked with Lila Stromer for six years, and found her work to be excellent. She is a thorough copy editor, and she is also very efficient in handling the flow of manuscripts. She returns emails very promptly, and has a deep attention to detail. I was always comfortable turning a matter over to her, knowing that it would be taken care of. I highly recommend her."
Howard S. Erlanger
Current Review Section Editor

Law and Social Inquiry

"When I was an editor of Law and Social Inquiry, I worked closely with Lila on the management of the journal. Lila reviewed submissions from authors, solicited evaluations and critiques from outside referees, made sure that we had sufficient evaluations, communicated with authors concerning the status of their submissions, dealt with our publisher (Wiley-Blackwell) concerning production issues, and generally supervised our day-to-day operations. It was a lot to keep track of, and Lila handled all of it with aplomb. She was well-organized, pleasant to work with, intelligent, and eager to be of help. I considered myself lucky to have such a co-worker."
John P. Heinz
Former Editor
Law and Social Inquiry

"Lila does a wonderful job with the copyediting for PoLAR:Political and Legal Anthropology Review. She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable, and always catches even the smallest details. When we are on a short deadline, she works extra hours to make sure that things are ready on time – she’s very dedicated, a professional who puts her heart into what she is doing. We are very grateful to have her help with our journal!"
Elizabeth Mertz
Former Editor
PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review

"Thanks for all your wonderful work on our paper and for your patience in getting it all together as well!"
John Hagan
Professor of Sociology
Northwestern University
Co-director, Center on Law and Globalization

"I wanted to thank you for making Born unto Brothels as good as possible! I really appreciate all your help, comments, and suggestions and for being so professional, accommodating, and helpful throughout the entire process."
Dr. Prabha Kotiswaran
Lecturer in Law
SOAS School of Law
University of London

"I just wanted to thank you once again for your support and diligence throughout this process.  You were instrumental in moving the process forward, your attention to detail was much appreciated, and it genuinely felt like a team effort to put out the best product possible. A grand thank you."
Erik D. Fritsvold, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology
Crime, Justice, Law & Society Concentration
University of San Diego

 "Your efforts have been thorough and are much appreciated -- it just makes me wonder what the rest of my work would look like if given similar attention!"
Brendon Swedlow
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Northern Illinois University

"I would like to thank you for all the careful looking through that you have done. I must add that I am deeply impressed by you; such a combination of efficiency and courtesy is rare."
Dr. Marina Kurkchiyan
Law Foundation Fellow in Socio-Legal Studies
Research Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Oxford

"Thank you once for your careful attention to my article. You have saved me from many errors and infelicities."
Eric Tucker
Osgoode Hall Law School
York University

"Based on a friend's strong recommendation, I contacted Lila out of the blue, seeking her help with the herculean task of correcting the page proofs for a lengthy edition of the writings of a late-nineteenth-century economist. Lila geared into action immediately and did an exceptional job with all aspects of the work. With her sharp eye for detail, she ferreted out mistakes that had eluded previous readers of the proofs and detected several (potentially embarrassing) inconsistencies of format, which required changes in the document. She put in long hours to make sure all the corrections were entered properly, and was patient, professional, and cheerful throughout the protracted process. The volume is significantly better as a result of Lila's skillful work, and I will definitely want to make use of her editorial services in the future."
Charles Camic
Professor of Sociology
Northwestern University

"I am immensely grateful to Lila for her work editing my Ph.D. thesis. For me, handing over my thesis to someone else for editing was a big leap of faith. I had to feel clear that the person doing it would take care commensurate with the blood, sweat, and tears of my own that went into it. The best thing about working with Lila was that very early on it became clear that she does put this level of care in. With the first 1 or 2 returned passages, I very soon felt able to relax about the process of editing, and about the final product that would come out of it. Lila paid close attention to the meaning of my words and dramatically improved the clarity with which my ideas were expressed. Little confusions that existed in the text were not only highlighted, suggestions were offered about what could be done to improve them. This was particularly valuable in a passage which described a technical and abstract mathematical economics model. Lila improved this section immensely."
Grace Kite
School of Oriental and African Studies
Department of Economics
University of London


"Lila and I have worked together several times that demanded great resourcefulness and ingenuity, and each time it has been a very productive and satisfying experience. I can speak to her excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as to her ability to manage and prioritize, and her capacity to think innovatively. She has a keen and insightful eye for the strengths and weaknesses in a script, and is able to convey those insights tactfully and productively. Moreover, Lila helped me with some rather difficult research on obscure subjects. She is an outstanding researcher. And on a personal note, working with Lila is always a pleasure. She is generous and kind, and a person of great personal and artistic integrity."
M.E.H. Lewis

"Lila's insightful comments, good humor, and ability to communicate effectively make her a delight to work with and a pleasure to learn from--an experience I highly recommend!"
Lisa Rosenthal
Playwright, Writing Coach, and Founder of the Vet Art Project

"Critical steps in my writing process are to consult with key industry professionals who can communicate their ideas effectively, give me honest and nurturing feedback, and are thorough in their understanding of creativity and theatricality. Lila possesses all of these qualities and makes the process fun!"
Jim Henry
Playwright and Screenwriter 


"I recently had Lila edit an article for publication for a journal in theatre. I had worked with Lila before in her capacity as a Dramaturg, so it was great to have someone I could trust regarding the field. Her work was creative and thorough. She finished early and communicated throughout the process. I had to be out of town during the week this article was due and knowing that Lila had gone over my work with a fine-tooth comb was a great relief."
Catherine H. Gleason
Assistant Professor
University of Missouri

"Lila is a fabulous editor, generous with her time, extremely detailed yet flexible with her feedback. She worked on my thesis book and some overview documents, and provided keen observation and comprehensive notation. I highly recommend her professionalism, her dedication and her expertise."
Karin L. McKie
Department of English
San José State University

"Lila has been a great asset to our organization, providing her expertise in copyediting and overall guidance and supervision of our printed brochures and publications. We are extremely grateful for her help in this area."
Dave Defuniak
Executive Director
Tree House Humane Society

"Lila has been an indispensable resource for us. She not only does great copyediting work, but she provides valuable feedback and suggestions about our publications in general. She even spear-headed the production of our new style guide, which has been instrumental in taking all of our publications to the next level. We feel so lucky to have Lila's services."
Jenny Schlueter
Development Director
Tree House Humane Society

"We hired Lila as a script reader for our annual submissions and was pleased with her work. She was timely and gave thorough and detailed coverage of the plays she was assigned. She was easy and pleasant to work with and she responded to correspondences quickly. She did a great job and I would recommend hiring her as a script reader."
Caroline Chang
Production Coordinator
Native Voices at the Autry

"I needed an editor for my book proposal. I asked around and all roads sent me Lila's way. Over the course of two months, we worked on the first chapter of my book. Lila was the consummate professional. She read my work objectively and polished it to the point where I felt happy to release it to prospective literary agents. If I have more writing assignments, I will definitely hire her again."
Eric Shivvers

"Lila Stromer was the first dramaturg I ever worked with and it was an absolute joy. She was conscientious, erudite, and had a great eye for detail…she was wonderful in her editorial role. She was always respectful of my voice as a writer and worked carefully to be sure the message of the play was clear and lucid. I highly recommend her for any editorial or dramaturgical position."
Dave Hudson

"Lila has worked for me editing Internet content. Her attention to detail has helped my clients focus their message more effectively and attract a broader customer base."
Joseph Bowen
Borealis Systems, Inc.

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